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Welcome to ancient craft of body decoration with
henna in our Mehandi (Mehndi) session


MEHENDI (Mehandi)
This is a simple recipe for mixing henna. It's the same one we've been using to decorate clients and teaching to others for several years. Mehendi' (mehndi) simplicity is one of the reasons we use it. Except for the henna / mehndi powder, all the tools and materials needed to mix the recipe and apply the paste can be found in most kitchens, or at almost any grocery store. Also. because it's simple, it's an easy recipe to teach and for others to learn and remember.

If you are new to henna painting, this recipe is a good start, but look around at what other practitioners are doing too. Keep in mind that no recipe is a guarantee of immediate success because there are a great many variables that affect the results you get, so you have to be willing to inquire and experiment until you find a combination of materials and techniques that works for you.


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No Mehendi, No Marriage

Mehendi (Mehndi) is not just a way of artistic expression, sometimes it's a must! A Hindu wedding includes a number of religious rites before and during the nuptials, and Mehendi play a vital role in it, so much so that no Indian marriage is considered complete without it! The reddish brown color of Mehendi - which stands for the prosperity that a bride is expected to bring to her new family - is considered most auspicious for all wedding-related ceremonies.

The Mehendi (mehndi) Ritual: A day before her wedding, the girl and her female folks gather for the Mehendi ritual - a ceremony traditionally marked by joie de vivre - during which the bride-to-be embellish their hands, wrists, palms and feet with the lovely red hue of the Mehendi. Even the groom's hand, especially in Rajasthani weddings, is decorated with Mehendi patterns.


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